Deskolo project

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The Deskolo project aims at developping some new software functionnalities in order to reduce the global energy consumption of computers.

The main objective is to propose and develop some new skills for computer infrastructure management dedicated to electricity consumption and energy saving. Based on the Pulse solution developped by Mandriva and Infrastructure/Security solutions of Wallix, this approach tackles the main issues of energy monitoring. By using only the existing network, the solution is able to both retrieve energy use information of all computers without dedicated sensor and manage to switch computer on/off with respect to user comfort and constraints.


The Deskolo project is a collaborative innovation project funded by the FEDER program. It has been labelized by the Systematic Paris Region cluster. Like all FEDER projects, the members are SMB and research laboratories. In the Deskolo project, the partners are:

Wallix is involved in the Deskolo project as the coordinator/leader of the project.

Source code

The source code is available under subversion on the Deskolo repository.

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